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MicroDiet Advance


MicroDiet Advance has five more Advanced type antioxidants than regular MicroDiet. These are Green Tea, Pine Bark extract, Grap seed extract, Biotin, Bita Carotine. Because of these advance antioxidants MicroDiet advance become more powerful than MicroDiet regular.

The work of Main Ingredients which are used in MicroDiet Advance are below.

Green Tea Extract-  It helps to burns extra fat from body. Increase immunity and work as a anti Cariogenic and anti deppricient.

Pine Bank- this is the extract of a tree from Europe. Which has been used since centuries for its health benefits. It is used for power and endurance, asthma, allergy and sexual weakness like conditions.

Grep Seed Extract- it is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces cholesterol, improve blood circulation, build resistance against cancer. Reduce inflammation in arteries.

Biotein-  Biotein is the part of vitamin B complex also we called it B-7  and Vitamin H. Biotein is vital nutrient for hairs. It is important nutrition for the good health  of hair, skin, nail, brain and heart.

Beta Carotene- this orange color pigment found in yello color fruit and vegetables . Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A. Human body converts beta carotene into vitamin A (retinol) .Beta-carotene is the main safe dietary source of vitamin A, essential for normal growth and development, immune system function, and vision.