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NutriMind is made up of omega-3 fatty Acids, Ginko biloba, Gingseng and other essential vitamin and minerals. Its unique combination makes it a special product in its category. It has sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E. consuming omega-3 with vitamin E is more beneficial because Vitamin E, reduces the process of oxidation of omega-3.

Benefits of its main ingredients are below.

Omega-3 fatty acid

Micro Diet

Micro Diet is combination of Gingseng (Ancient Chinese Herb which has been used from Thousands of years for Endurance) Lycopene (A Powerful anti oxidant which found in red color vegetables and fruits) and essential micronutrient (Vitamins and minerals) for human beings. Micro Diet is a health supplement that incorporates lots of vital nutrients that are required by our body. Micro Diet has high content of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) that one may not get through diet.

Calcium Plus

NutriWorld's Calcium Plus has Calcium Magnesium and zinc. These are the most essential mineral for our body. Deficiency of these mineral lead us to so many health issues.  Calcium and magnesium help maintain healthy bones while zinc is essential for cell division and growth. Zinc is an essential element needed to support the body's immune system. It also has vitamin D3. Which is necessary to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. We also need vitamin D for other important body functions.

Alovera Ras


 Aloe Vera has been used for several thousand years. Stories about Aloe plant can be found in many cultures from   the ancient Egyptians Ancient 

Egyptians called aloe the “plant of immortality,” and depicted aloe in wall paintings, Greeks and Romans, as well as in the literature of the Indian and Chinese peoples.